Springbok Casino – Highly Recommended for Those Who Love Great Games, Bonuses, and Attention

When it comes to providers that are directed to one country only, it is almost always a strange indicator. Immediately, one thinks if this is not because of games quality or other details, negative, of course.

However, this is definitely not the case with Springbok Casino. This is one of the providers that is aimed to provide services to players from the South African Republic. Even the casino`s name tells about it. The website is all in the colours of the national rugby team. The name is also taken from there.

Springbok Casino has the license of the Curacao government. It is a clear sign that the provider has everything arranged properly and with top quality.

It means that punters are protected both financially and legally. All the deposits of players are kept in a separate account. This is one of the main requirements by issuing a license. It means that the company, in this case, the Springbok Casino, cannot just take some part of the deposited funds. The funds of the provider and the funds of the punters are separated.

One more requirement is to keep all the data safe. The Springbok Casino applies the most advanced SSL certificate to do so. As soon as a punter provides any information online, the software starts encrypting it. Only encrypted data go online. Even if somebody steals it, he/she will not be able to use it.

Any review would mention payment methods, especially if the things are about a cryptocurrency casino. Yep, Springbok accepts bitcoin. And yep, many other options are available. We would say, a decent selection of payment options is available.

One more thing that we always check is the availability of bonuses. If there are some, this is a sign that the provider really takes care of players. Even though not all the players request one or another promotion or bonus, it is always nice to know that they are available.

The only thing that has bothered us is that we haven`t found any information about any company that performs the games certification. Even though otherwise, the provider has made the best impression, this is something that for sure shall be fixed. It gives additional security and confidence to the players. Moreover, after such certifications, many casinos publish the RTP values for their games. It means that you can choose the games with the highest RTP to boost your winning chances. Well, anyway, the casino doesn`t collaborate with it, and when we asked the customer support, to make sure, they just asked us to explain what is eCOGRA. In the very end, they confirmed that no certification is available. Even though they did their best to provide the most complete information, but still, applying some services of a similar organization would be something to boost the casino`s reputation immensely.

Springbok Slot Casino Games

Here, you can find the games developed by one provider only: Real Time Gaming. This company is known to work for the USA market. But here, the story is completely different. The USA players are not accepted while the punters from South Africa are highly welcomed.

Anyway, more than 200 games are provided on the website. You can choose either slots or table games to gamble and, if your luck is with you, to win. There, you can find around 200 different options to play.

3-reels slots are represented in the modern variations. Though still, there are some of them, exactly like those good old game, one’armed bandits that were giving chewing gums and candies;

5-reels slots, advanced machines with the most complex plots and themes that will amazon you completely. Some of them even allow you to choose the number of reels! Spin the reels of your favorite game and have fun!

One of the inventions of this developer are 6-reels slots. More opportunities are hiding there, and more new impressions, of course.

Progressive jackpots, and some of them will give you good sums if you hit a jackpot. Enjoy then to get the top excitement and the top awards, of course.

Springbok Table Games

Don`t forget that only one developer is pressed on springbok.ca.za. Thus, expecting a huge variety of table games is not logical. But you will for sure find at least a couple of every type of a game.

Also the interesting detail is that all the sections, those or roulette, blackjack, and so on, are accompanied with interesting articles, tips and just some useful and entertaining information. It is definitely a great job.

Thus, you can not just gamble but enjoy top quality information, too. We were reading all just for fun, and, to tell, the truth, it is quite a piece of writing.

Live Section in Springbok

Nothing to tell here. The live section is not available. We have had some hope but no. It would be useful to add it but to tell the truth, if Springbok has a policy of one developer only, it will be complicated. Real Time Gaming doesn`t offer free games.

Springbok on Mobile Devices

Springbok is an amazing provider in this regard. The developers of Casino Springbok know very well that there are gamblers of different ages and different preferences. Some of them trust the newer technologies while others believe that good old methods are more than ok to handle all the things in life, including gambling.

Thus, Casino Springbok has all the options for those who love playing games from mobile devices. By the way, just to mention in our review: a version to download for a desktop website is available, too.

Thus, you can get access to Springbok Slot Casino from any mobile device that can connect to the web and supports the functions that are needed. There is a version to download for iOS, Android, and there is a HTML5 version for those who don`t like to make their lives more complex and prefer something simple and fast. In both cases, everything is kept for you in your account. You sign in, login, make a deposit and play.

Every bonus that you have earned on www.springbokcasino.co.za is available in both versions, as well as any progress is kept that you have made.

All in all, we shall say that Springbok slot Casino has done a great job by developing all the versions of the casino for every device and every player.

Payment Options on springbokcasino.co.za

Noтe review is complete without a detailed description of payment options. Here, on springbokcasino.co.za, you can pay in a variety of ways including some methods that are available in the locality of the casino.

The most common and trusted methods are of course bank cards. From any review, you can find out that they are available in every casino. Springbok is not an exception. Here, the transactions in both directions, from and to the punter`s account, are available via Visa and Mastercard.

Wire transfer as one of the options is available but we doubt it is popular because of excessive long withdrawal times. In comparison to all the other providers, in the case with this one, you will see your wins within 20 days from the time when your withdrawal application has been processed. This is without any exaggeration the longest time we could have ever imagined.

There are several e-wallets, among them the most known and widely accepted Neteller and Skrill.

This is one of those still very rare casinos that accept Bitcoin. Thus, the provider is trying to follow all the modern developments and be updated. This is aso a good sign for punters who value privacy. You don`t have to provide any personal data, nobody can ever track your information, and it is completely anonymous.

Consider some details before deciding on a payment method. With a wire transfer, Springbok charges a fee of 200r. Other options are free if you play through your deposited funds at least once. In a different case, you might end up paying up to 15% of a fee for every withdrawal.

There are minimum deposits, their sum depends greatly on the chosen payment option. The minimum withdrawals are indicated, too. Thus, make sure you read all the conditions when selecting any payment option.

Also, the only currency, we mean fiat money, is the South African Rand. if you decide to make a deposit in Euro or Dollar, you can do it of course, but it will be converted automatically t

Customer Support in Springbok Casino

As soon as you open the website, even login is not needed, you are welcomed by a design¡gned in a friendly way live chat window. There, you can ask all the questions immediately as soon as they appear. An agent is there constantly to assist you. We have checked: they are friendly and professional.

If you believe that you can wait but the real thing that you need to do is to describe your situation in the smallest detail and maybe even to attach some documents, an email is your option. We have tested it, too, and we have received an immediate reply. We cannot guarantee that the same happens to you, but they promise to get in touch within 24 hours maximum, and the general impression tells us that we can trust this company.

Some Words About Bonuses

On Sprinkbokcasino.co.za, you can find a lot of amazing offers. The company does its best to provide the most impressive experience for punters, and a lot of bonus offers is a secure way to impress.

One of the rarest bonuses now is a no deposit bonus. Springbok offers a nice welcoming offer to every player who has registered there. 250 Rands go to the account of every new player. No deposit is required. There is a special no deposit code on the corresponding page, enter it if you want the cash. This might be not super generous money but you make no deposit to get it. Normally, free spins are considered as a no deposit bonus. We wanted to highlight it in this review so that you understand what it is about. And this kind of a no deposit bonus is quite rare nowadays, thus, get it and be happy.

Of course, the payout is limited. The maximum you can cashout from the winnings from this sum is 500 Rands. Huh, it is twice the bonus sum. It is something incredible indeed. Therefore, claim it with a no deposit code, and enjoy the game.

Welcome Bonus

A generous welcome bonus is a way to attract new players and motivate them to move on. Here, on springbokcasino.com, you get a nice welcome bonus promotion.

Can we call it a no deposit bonus 2021? Of course, because this promotion is definitely something incredible. Yes, this is the best no deposit bonus 2021 we have ever seen.

The welcome promotion is divided into three parts.

For the very first deposit, you can get up to 1,500 Rands. This is a 100% match bonus. You can claim it by using special bonus codes.

The second match bonus is a 50% one, but this time, your bonus limit grows up to 5,000 Rands. Bonus codes are needed, too, but the good thing that all the details are clearly indicated on the website.

Then, you can use the same bonus once more and get 5,000 Rands more. Thus, the sum that you get with deposits and bonus codes can be 11,500 Rands, which is already something completely significant and worth the effort.

As well as you have used the no deposit code, you need to use promo codes to get every bonus. All the promo codes are there, on the Promotions page. Just do not hesitate to use them.

Bonuses on Deposits

On every single deposit, you can get up to 300% of your funds. The sum is pretty limited this time to just 600 Rands. Though we cannot disagree that not every casino gives a bonus on every deposit.

Promo codes move on working here, like for any other bonus in Springbok. Thus, if you want the money, check out the promo codes.

Cashback Is Available

This is not everything there, and we still haven`t even moved to free spins. This promotion is available on every deposit for which you haven`t claimed any bonus and haven`t used any promo codes. Just write to the customer support if you want one, the cashback reaches up to 25% from the deposited sum, thus, it might be worth the effort.

The maximum sum is limited to 3,000 Rands, and this is something pretty decent. The casino is absolutely generous, and the more we are checking the more we fall in love with Springbok.

If you win, you can cashout everything even if you have won the millions. Though to get the money, you need to wager the bonus funds ten times. This is a very fair offer, we would say.

77 Lucky Bonus

It is given to the first 77 players who claim it. Again, there is a special code to claim it. Everything is indicated on the casino`s website and it is available to a limited number of people only.

Do not forget that every cash bonus, unless it is stated otherwise, comes with a 30x wagering. This is not much though, thus, you can go for it.

Special Points to Gain More

As soon as you get an account in the Springbok, you start getting points for every bet you are placing. 100 points equal one Rand, and you can exchange your points to cash whenever you feel that it is needed. Here, no conditions are applied. You just earn some rewards from your cash bets.


There are constantly running a couple of them – slot tournaments. Some of them are even the ones with free rolls. You can participate in any of them to win a lot, just a lot of money.

Final Thoughts and Our Verdict

For many people, springbok might seem strange. First of all, there is no information about it on the web. And even if there are some reviews, the information provided there is either not correct or outdated. Alas, we had to check everything directly with the casino and, to tell the truth, the impression is for sure the best.

They said that players from other countries, including Canada, New Zealand, Australia can register and have fun, too, but yes, the casino is mainly designed for South Africa. It is explicitly indicated on the main page. The only currency you can use from fiat money is Rand. Other currencies will be automatically converted to South African money. Check in advance whether it is convenient for you.

The live section is not available, and it is rather strange. We believed that the information available online is outdated. Moreover, Real Time Gaming started offering live games. But we believe that this drawback will be fixed soon.

The customer support is available all the time online and on mail. We have checked them several times, and there was not a single delay in replying. Moreover, they are happy to spend as much time as needed to solve any issue and to reply to any questions.

There are just plenty of bonuses, and they come with absolutely convenient conditions. There are no drawbacks or issues there.

The mobile version of Springbok is not just available, but the provider took the best care to provide all the players with the most convenient options. There are both a download and no-download versions. Every player can make the needed choice. The good thing that any version offers you a complete access to all the casino games, and all the functionality is kept just at the same level as with a desktop variant.

There is one drawback and we believe that this is something significant even though other details and even all the reviews from players can be the best ones. This detail is called the independent certification of games. We haven`t found any signature of any independent lab. This is a drawback because such a certification is a sign that the games are fair. Moreover, this testing is something that can increase your winning chances. Well, not the testing itself but the RTP which is usually available for the casinos that collaborate with eCOGRA.

Free play is not available. Instead, the Springbok casino offers an amazing opportunity to test its games and platform, or whatever else you might want to test, for real money. The provider is willing to give you a nice no-deposit bonus and allow you to play just until you either decide to deposit some funds or to quit.

Would we nominate the casino the best gambling provider 2021? We definitely would. This is one of the rare casinos that deserves it in all the regards. Even though it might be not the best option for those who love live games, other than that, the provider does everything to make all its players feel welcomed.

Thus, well deserved 4,5 points out of five go to this provider. And to tell the truth, this is definitely one of the casinos we would like to play in.

Written by Haukur Guðbjörnsson