Booming Games Casino to Find the Best Games and Wins

Booming Games is a developer that has been operational in the market since 2014. First, it was oriented just to the casinos located in Malta. With time though, it has expanded its offer to other countries, starting with Germany, the Isle of Man, and the Philippines. Now, this provider is even though not so well-known like Microgaming, for instance, but for sure it enjoys a proper popularity.

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Even if you haven’t played Booming games casino earlier, it is time to do so now. Moreover, Booming Games has a decent array of Booming slot games with free play. Thus, if you are in doubt whether you want to play these games or not, whether you will like them or not, you can check them and try. If you don’t like them, you are free to move on and check other options. If you decide that these games are for you, you can choose a nice Booming casino and gamble for your real bucks.

Booming Games Casino: Choose the Best of the Best

Among the providers that offer the Booming slot games you can find both the experienced and the newest casinos. One thing though combines them all: they all have valid licenses and they all offer the best conditions for the punters. Do you want to make sure this is the truth? Read on our list of the best casinos to play Booming slot games.

PlayAmo, the Classics of Gambling

PlayAmo is leading every rating, and for a reason. This is one of the most loyal online casinos with the richest selection of games. Even though the provider is pretty young, it has been around just three years, it is known and loved by punters. Here are some reasons why so.

For those who love Booming games, this is the best Booming Casino indeed.along with Booming Casino software, you can find the games provided by the leading developers in the niche such as Microgaming, NetEnt, and similar. Yep, a good company matters. More than 2,000 slots and other games can be played there, and Booming Game slots take a decent place in the offer.

PlayAmo pampers its players with cash bonuses, free spins, numerous special promotion offers and tournaments.

A VIP club allows all the players to participate in other, even better award giveaways, including generous cashbacks, reload bonuses, and whatever else a trusted Booming casino might ever offer.

Casino Chan

This is one more relatively young provider that offers a wide selection of games developed by Casino mobile Booming Gaming as well as games for desktop. And, like the previous option, this is one of the most reputable providers even though it is for sure one of the youngest, too. Even though this casino was created mostly for punters from England and Canada, but within a record short time, it became known and loved all around the world, needless to mention such gambling-loyal destinations are New Zealand and Australia.

More than 2,000 games are available here, including the Booming slot machines. More than 30 developers are represented here. Along with Booming Gaming, you can gamble some of Microgaming, Endrophina, Quickspin games, and similar.

The incredibly calm and relaxed casino website design is inviting to have fun and to earn some money. And to facilitate the winning experiences, Chan offers a lot of offers and bonuses. To start with, you can try the Chan welcome bonus. It is divided into four deposits and can bring you sound 500 USD. Free spins are given, too, 30 of them for every deposit in addition to the cash bonus. Thus, the total of 120 free rotations are waiting for you if you decide to claim the cash bonus. The welcome bonus is quite decent, and with it, you can try just all the Booming Games slots.

Add other benefits such as safety and security, a good selection of payment options, attention to every punter, disregarding his-her budget and bets sums, and you will see that Chan is one of those Booming online casinos that is worth trying at least once.

Maneki Casino – a Good Sign for Those Who Love Winning

If you love symbols and unusual designs, you shall check one of our leaders in the Booming casino list, Maneki Casino.

This is one of the newest casinos even among the newcomers. It came into existence in 2019. But since then, it has had already a favorable and positive history.

Punters are attracted by its unusual design and the logo of Maneki cat. It is waving his paw and attracting luck and wealth to the casino`s clients.

The Maltese license and more than 1,300 games are the best symbols of luck and money though. It means that the casino is reliable and you can entrust it your funds and count on its fairness and loyalty when it comes to wins.

Here, along with bonus codes and promotions, you can find a lot of Booming Games slots. Request the welcome bonus, the total can reach up to 333 USD. This will assist you in your winning endeavours and probably, will even bring you a decent winning.

Maneki Casino is known to be extremely good on mobile devices. This is a new casino, thus, this is not surprising though. No download is needed.

The free play option is available which allows you to test whatever games you like, including Booming Games options.

The Best Booming Games Slots

Among the most impressive Booming offers, you can find many unique and interesting options. All of them can be tried for free both in Booming Games casinos as well online on special resources.

Cherry Bomb

This is one of those fruit machines that is supposed to belong to the classics of gambling. Though this is not one of the oldest slots. It has 5 reels and 10 paylines filled with the ripest and the juiciest fruit ever.

The best might vary from 0,30 to 30 USD which makes the game perfect for any budget. Even if you are among those who love playing big and winning even more, this game will for sure bring the expected result.

The starting sum to play is 1,000 USD which is absolutely decent. With this money, you can count on a good result.

There are wilds, scatters, bonus games and rounds where you can get more and more. Thus, the slot is an optimal choice. Moreover, it is just nice and easy-to-play.

The gameplay is not as dynamic like by many other slots. You can enjoy it with calm without getting stressed and bothered.

This is the perfect game for those who love fruit machines, and this one is one of the most advanced options available on the web.

Welcome to the Fort Knox Slot

This is a game for those who love gold. In this game, every player can find a lot of gold, just as much as one can be dreaming of.

This is a classic modern 5 reels and 20 paylines game. The bets range is from 0,60 to 60 USD. Thus, huge sums can be won here. The starting balance is 1,000 USD which gives a lot of hopes, even the most daring ones.

The game doesn’t have a complicated gameplay. Thus, both experienced punters and newbies can have the biggest fun ever playing it,

Here, you dive in the Bullion Repository in the USA. you meet a lot of theme-related symbols, such as Lincoln, dollars, diamonds, gold bars, and similar. Every detail is reminding you where you are and what you are looking for.

What is amazing indeed is the accuracy of every detail in every game. The symbols, you can see even the smallest details on them. The music is breathtaking, too, you really believe that you aren’t just an observer but are in the game, participating in all the action.

This is an option for those who adore the history of America and money with gold. You can try to find a nice bonus code to start with and to test the game for real money. Playing for fun is available, too.

Real Fear

One more slot that is enjoying a special popularity is Real Fear. There, you find all those realistic features like by any creation of Booming Games. Here, you appear in a real horror, with all the attributes and symbols. If you have weak nerves, this game might not be for you though. This 5 reels and 10 lines game is filled with surprises though. Here, you can find nurses, a pyramid, a Silent Hill, and many more game-specific symbols. The game atmosphere is complemented by many occult symbols.

The Real Fear music also doesn’t let you relax even for a while. It makes you feel in a real horror movie. The design is very specific, too. And symbols again are made with the attention to the tiniest details. This adds to the feeling of realism.

The bets again vary from 30 cents to 30 dollars, and you start with a whopping 1,000 US

Zoodiac, to Have Fun and Win Money

This 5 reels and 15 paylines game brings a real experience. If you want to find out which one, try it. Free promo codes will help you to test the game without money but still make a real bet and win real funds if you are lucky enough.

This is a game for those who are adept of the Chinese culture in general and the Chinese horoscope in particular. But here, it is introduced in a funny and unexpected way.

The horoscope animals represent a Wild, a scatter, and all the symbolic that is so welcomed by any punter. You shall look for a Horse and the Dragon, they are the most rewarding. If you love humor, China, and horoscopes, and of course if you don’t mind earning a little bit while gambling, this might be the option that you have been looking for.

Booming Seven, Just the Right Game

Booming Seven is a game which name is just too similar to the name of the developer. Thus, we can expect something that represents the best features here. 3 reels and 9 paylines might look rather modest but in reality, many more things are hiding there. If we had to choose the game of 2021, Booming seven could easily take this title.

The bets here are from 27 cents to 27 Dollars, which is rather unusual. You start with 1,000 USD and from there, you either lose or win and increase the balance.

This is a perfect classic game. Thus, if you are the one who loves the designs and the features, this is a treat for you.

To win more, hunt for bars of gold. Here, there are wilds and scatter because they bring more winnings and increase those that are already available. The provider knows well what every punter likes, thus, Booming Games is doing its best to cater all the players of all the ages and any taste.

Other than that, it is filled with the classic cherries and 7 symbols. Thus, if you are after those good old classics, this game is just for you, but this time it comes with an upgraded design, amazing music accompaniment, and just amazing quality specific to this developer.

Final Thoughts and Our Verdict

Booming Games is one of those newer developers that are still under-evaluated in the gambling niche. Its games are the most varied. The developer is really making all the effort to cover all the themes, topics, to develop the best offers for the players of any age.

This all is done with the wish to deliver the best product, and, to tell the truth, this wish can be felt through in any game of Booming Gamуы.

All the games are surprisingly detailed. Even the smallest symbols are created with the least significant details, when you are looking at them, it is hard to believe that they are just images, not real objects.

The music accompaniment is developed with the same attention and wish to create something incredible. Top music quality makes you plunge in the game and enjoy it at full.

Thus, our 5 stars out of five for sure go to this amazing developer. If you find its games in your favorite casino, you can be considered as lucky, try them, normally, they are available for free. Once you try them, you will want to check all those games in the action and place a real bet.

Written by Haukur Guðbjörnsson